Introducing Reka

Reka is the first ever mobile application that learns what is important to each and every user, making it possible to provide contextual word recommendations in real time.  Build confidence in your communication and engage in meaningful conversation with anyone, anywhere.


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Tailored to you

Reka allows you to easily retrieve words that are relevant to the people, places and activities that are most important to you. Effortlessly expand your vocabulary through word recommendations that are tailored to your needs and interests.


Reka provides you with:

The capacity to communicate fully and freely.

Enriched relationships with the people you care about most.

Access to an amazing community where you can share your story.


We are looking for bold and adventurous individuals who are interested in trying out Reka during the month of April 2021. You can participate in three simple steps: 


Download Reka for free on iPad.


Start communicating right away by using Reka in your everyday conversations. 


Share your experience and feedback with our friendly team.

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