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We are Rekammend

At Rekammend we are unafraid to challenge the status quo. We know that each person has their own unique story to tell and are motivated to provide them with the platform to do so.

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Our Mission

Our team has worked closely with individuals with aphasia and their entire care circle in order to develop řeka. Through these interactions, we’ve developed a deep understanding of your needs and kept them top of mind. At Rekammend we are taking steps to ensure we are increasing your social health, comfort, and level of participation in the daily activities that are most important to you. 


Our Story

Rekammend was founded by Abi and Hannah while completing their degrees in Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo. The two set out on a mission to contribute to a more inclusive community and world. They’ve heard countless frustrations from children and adults who are unable to express themselves through speech, and have watched as their care circles play the role of technical programmers while trying to customize the experience of communication apps. Abi and Hannah envisioned an improved experience for everyone involved.

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Meet our team

Picture of Hannah Sennik wearing a black sweater and watch. She has her arms crossed in front of her

Hannah Sennik

CEO & Co-founder

Communication is an essential way to learn about each other. We’ve listened carefully to the biggest pains our users face and are tackling them head on.

Picture of Navjeeven Mann smiling and looking very happy

Navjeeven Mann

Full Stack iOS Developer

As humans we are geared towards being social and communication is a huge part of that process, communication is the way the world connects.

Picture of Abi Kuganesan wearing a jean jacket and smiling in front of a beautiful city scape

Abi Kuganesan

CTO & Co-founder

We've seen firsthand how much of a role communication can play in achieving social-happiness. Ensuring that you have all the tools to break down the communication barriers that you face is what drives us forward!

Picture of Jerry Lai wearing a jean jacket and standing in front of a cityscape at night

Jerry Lai

Full Stack iOS Developer

I am looking forward to improving social access for more individuals by developing a technology that allows them to express themselves and ultimately lead more independent lives.