Encouraging meaningful conversation

We are building a world without barriers to social connection for people with speech and language disorders.


A platform that understands you

Our communication platform Reka helps you communicate in any and every situation. By learning what’s most important to you, Reka delivers the ultimate personalized experience in real time.


Take back control

No longer feel like others are guessing your thoughts or speaking on your behalf. With Reka, you can participate in all of the activities you enjoy knowing that you’ll never be short of words.


How it works

Receive personalized vocabulary recommendations that help you engage in contextual conversation in real time.

Save time as Reka automatically begins to expand your vocabulary set based on your usage - no more manual programming!

Track and share your speech progress using built in tools.


We are Rekammend

Since 2018, the Rekammend team has worked with the Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) community to learn what’s most important to you. The stories and experiences of real people are reflected in the product we’ve built. 



November 2020

Rekammend wins Challenge #2: Breaking Down Communication Barriers and is invited to participate in the Healthcare Acceleration and Patient Innovation (HAPI) program with ventureLAB.

September 2020

Rekammend joins the Accelerator Centre’s AC JumpStart program, aimed at helping technology startups establish and grow their business in Southern Ontario.

April 2019

Rekammend places second and is invited to utilize TREAT program resources to help accelerate development of the technology and market potential.